Third Contact - by James A. Wilson

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HyperPhysics Links
  HyperPhysics Root Page - Anything you want to know
  Qusars - Qusars on HyperPhysics
  Black Holes & the Schwarzschild Radius - Black Holes, Schwarzschild Radius
  More on Schwarzschild Radius - Schwarzschild Radius on Wikipedia
  Black Holes & Accretion Disks - Black Holes, Accretion Disks
  Supernova - Supernova on HyperPhysics

Star Harvesting - Mass Transfer via Microwave Transmission
  Microwave Transmission - Microwave transmission basics on Wikipedia
  Wireless power transfer - Transferring Power today on Wikipedia
  Cavity magnetron- Converting Mass to Microwaves

Eminent Collision
  NASA page shows Eminent Collision- Milky Way is Destined for Head-On Collision

Black holes and Quazars Videos -
  How do Quasars work? (8min) - Pulsars and Quasars
  Excellent Video (1hr) - The Universe Documentary - Full HD
  Giant Black Hole (1hr) - Universe: Giant Black Hole Quasars

Andromeda Galaxy Photos
  Andromeda Galaxy in UV - Hubble UV Picture
  More Andromeda - Andromeda Galaxy From Hubble

The Milky Way Galaxy Photos
  The Milky Way from - the Chilean Andes @ 16,500 feet
  The Milky Way Galaxy - over Devils Tower
  Can you see the Milky Way - Yes, you can see the Milky Way

Cryogenic Freezing
  Frozen Frogs Come to Life - 2min. Video
  Frog awakens from winter freeze - 3min. Video

Third Contact, The Harvesting of Sol