by James A. Wilson

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       Book 1 - 2016
       Third Contact - The Harvesting of Sol

       The first novel in this groundbreaking series that goes where no other story has ever imagined.

From the Back Cover:
       The Universe is teeming with life. There is life as we know it, the kind that lives and dies on planets. There is also life like nothing we have ever imagined, like the kind that lives deep inside of the largest black holes. The Denagrata Centurm is just such a life form. They dont count their lives in years. For them its all about the mass. They live and die with their black holes and their greatest fear is being consumed by a more massive black hole.
       The supermassive Black hole in the Andromeda galaxy is fifty times the mass of the black hole in our galaxy. Andromeda is on a collision course with us. The Milky Way Denagrata Centurm has a plan to survive the assault. That plan requires the harvesting of all the energy from all the stars in the galaxy. Unfortunately for the residents of Earth in 4822 our sun, Sol, is the next star selected for harvesting.

       Book 2 - 2018
       Third Contact - The Making of the Harvesters

       The prequel to book 1.

From the Back Cover:
       “We were forced to evacuate our home world. Well, it was either that or get sucked up by an enormous black hole. We barely made it out in time to see, rather than be, the resulting quasar. But, they must have planned for our escape, because before the quasar jets even started to cool, something hit our vessel. I lost my whole family, wife and four kids. You nanites know one of my daughters, Miky., She is the center of your galaxy, the one you call, Sagittarius A*.
       This is the story of how, after saving my family from death by quasar with that monster, Draco, I quickly lost them all again into uncharted space after our vessel was destroyed. Finally, after waking from dormancy, one of my search teams has located Miky, but we won’t be able to reach her before Hastae Summitatem gets to her.
       “Hasta, is a supermassive black hole far larger even than me. Now, I’m sure Miky has grown since then,, but, when I last saw her, she was less than a quarter of my mass. The only chance to survive her encounter with Hasta lies in, The Making of the Harvesters.” The Elder, Virgo

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